Paper Cut  Written by Andrew Rosendorf explores the tender love story between two men who have been through the worst together. Told through the prism of a soldier, they are forced to redefine what love is, and what it really means to be a man. 

1.scott hurran  2.theatre503  3.jamie platt  4.chris warner  7.AO

Since U Been Gone .

Since U Been Gone Written and performed by Tabby Lamb, Brought to life with storytelling, an original pop music score, and way too many America’s Next Top Model references. This moving and powerful autobiographical account is about childhood co-stars, teenage rebellion, growing up queer in the mid-noughties, and finding yourself while losing a friend.

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1. director  2. venue  3. lighting   4. sound/ composition  5. movement  6. costume supervision/ makers  7.photographer