Peter Butler 

selected work


“Designer Peter Butler has created a sleek, spartan setting – instantly suggesting a well-to-do east London gallery”. 

- Paul Vale, The Stage

“[The] play is well-served here by director Nicky Allpress in a brisk staging, stylishly designed by Peter Butler”. 

- Nick Curtis, The Evening Standard

“Peter Butler’s playful design captures the turn of the millennium setting, with baggy, grungy fashions recreated for cringey comic effect. ”.

- Dave Fargnoli, The Stage

“The production comes with period elements intact from 90s music (Air, the Chemical Brothers) to cultural references (Women’s lib, American Gigolo), and Peter Butler’s set is made up of suitably soulless blank white lines with occasional neon and light showers”. 

- Arifa Akbar, The Guardian

Interviews + Features:

“It was really freeing because it meant that I could respond to it by way of feeling, rather than having a script and responding to the emotions evoked from the text.”

- Interview, Drama & Theatre, March 2023